Apartment Building and Multi Family Loans

We now offer direct private money financing for Apartment Buildings and Multi Family 5+ units.

Introducing our Multi Unit (5+) Apartment and Acquisition & Rehab Loan Program

  • Obtain Financing for up to 75% of the Purchase and Renovation cost
  • Low interest only rates and NO PREPAY
  • Collateral: Multi Unit 5+ Apartments
  • Term 24 Months with 12 month extensions available
  • LTV not to exceed 65% of ARV
  • Credit score Minimum 650
  • Experience: Investors must have prior Real Estate Investor Experience
  • Exit strategy: Sell or Hold.

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Sweet A Apartment Building Program

We have a direct private money investor that is a portfolio lender for Apartment Buildings in metro areas. Rates and terms are set by the property and its location. Rates start at 3.875 with as little as 1 point charged. Our investor hold his on paper so he can make his own determinations

Purchases and Refinances up to 75% LTV will allow junior financing up to 85% CLTV. Will go off the income of the property not of the investor. Call us Today to talk about your Apartment building and Multi family deals.