Residential Construction/Spec


  • Property Types: Residential Investment 1-4 unit
  • LTV 75% of the After Constructed Value
  • Rate 9-12% interest only
  • NO Doc NO Money out of pocket (except for appraisal you choose)
  • 600 minimum credit score
  • will allow partners to added to LLC for score and or experience
  •  Up to 24 month Term
  • No Down Payment
  • No Prepayment penalty
  • No Reserve Requirements
  • Closing Cost included in the Loans
  • Monthly Payments included in the loan
  • NO Income Verification
  • Must own property or purchase with Cash
  • Must lay foundation slab or built up

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see below this recent 7 home project we just funded in South Florida

porfolio 9 homes naples florida 2.5 million


Residential Spec Loans

Loan Parameters

  • Property Types: Residential 1-4 unit investment properties only
  • Purchase and Construction
  • Rate: 9-12 % interest only
  • LTV: 70% of the completed value
  • LTC 90%
  • Loan Term: 6 - 12 months extensions available
  • Credit/Income: minimum 600. We do not have specific credit or income requirements for our new construction loans.We base our approvals on the project and the builders experience level.
  • Reserve Requirement 6 months I/O payments
  • Minimum Down Payment: Typically need 10 % of total cost for down payment.Will use equity in the land or lot if owned  free and clear or can do the Construction/ Refinance program above. NO Money out of pocket
Texas Renovation JV Partnership
 Recently funded this Spec home for experienced
Contractor in Dallas, Texas.