Broker/Referral Program

Bring us your Private Money Real Estate Projects

We are now accepting Brokered and Referral Submissions on our Flagship Programs.

Great Lending Source for Residential and Commercial Mortgage Brokers.


Fill out the loan proposal summary with your borrower’s and property information. You may enter your email address.

Put your Broker information name, contact information and the points you will be charging. You will enter the information in step 4 as indicated Broker/Referral Box.

We will analyze and issue you a soft term sheet if the deal is approved that you can go over with your borrower.

If you have questions call the loan officer who sent you the term sheet and he or she will go over our unique financing structure for you to go over with your client.

We charge between 2.5 to 3.5 points on the Flagship deals, and you can charge on top of that.

Once your borrower accepts and executes the term sheet send it along with the contract if it is a purchase and you will be issued the loan package and forms required to underwrite and fund the deal along with the broker registration and fee agreement.

Once you submit the executed loan package the file goes through our initial underwriting review, where credit and background is pulled.

Once approved after initial review the appraisal order link is sent from our AMC to the borrower for payment and title will be ordered.

Once appraisal comes back and is reviewed, we will request items that we are missing for final review and clear to close.

Once the deal is closed and funded you will paid your points charged via your fee agreement.


Make Money and we will do all the work.

Great for Realtors, Contractors and others in the Real Estate Industry.

You just refer the borrower to our website to fill out the Loan Proposal Summary.

Have your referred borrower to put in the Broker/ Referral section on step 4 your name, contact information and we will take care of the rest.

Once closed and funded we will send you a check for 1 point. You get paid a point at closing for just referring the client. Great way to easy money.