Apartment Building and Multi Family Loans

 What Are Multi Family Loans?

mika-baumeister-PL7K02i4s9g-unsplashIf you are a real estate investor and are looking to expand your portfolio with Multi Unit 5 + and Mixed use properties. Money Source of America has the Short Term funding solutions you are looking for to help you succeed. Our private money funds can help you finance projects large or small Nationwide. These property types are becoming very popular and are good living options for the consumer. Whether it be for long term or short term these property types are becoming ever more popular. Investors are targeting popular  locations and looking  to find buildings ,refurbish them and rent them out for a tremendous profit. Use our property search engine to find properties and coming soon Commercial property live Auctions. SEARCH

Timing is also important when it comes to real estate so if you find a property that looks like a solid investment, we can help you secure it while you figure out how if you want to hold onto it and make further investments or exit.

Money Source of America can offer you low-interest rates with no prepayment penalties with extended loan options for those who qualify. We have direct private money funds so we have flexible options for those looking to get started on a great opportunity in the multi unit industry. If you think you have found a great property that could be a profitable project, fill out a loan proposal summary today.

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Introducing our Flagship Multi Unit (5+) Apartment and Acquisition & Rehab Loan Program

A private money loan intended for new and experienced real estate investors seeking short term  funding for 5+ unit apartments and mixed-use properties nationwide

  • Obtain Financing for up to 80 % of the Purchase and 100 % of the Renovation cost
  • Purchase,  Refinance , Rehab
  • Up to 85% LTC
  • Low interest only rates and NO PREPAY
  • Limited Documentation No Income
  • Term  up to 36  Months with 12 month extensions available
  • LTV not to exceed 70 % of ARV
  • Credit score Minimum 650
  • Experience: LTV and Terms based on experience level
  • Recourse and Non Recourse options
  • Exit strategy: Sell or Hold.
  • Purchase: Up to 75% of the As-Is Value
  •  Refinance: Up to 70% of the As-Is Value
  •  Cash-Out: Up to 55% of the As-Is Value
  •  Refinance w Rehab Up to 70% of the As-Is Value + 100% of Renovation Costs Cash-Out: Up to 60% of the As-Is Value + 100% of Renovation Costs
  • Multi-Family Apartment Buildings (5+ Units); Mixed-Use Buildings

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