NO DOC Commercial Loans

Are you an investor looking to fund a project quickly without all the hassle? A no document loan might just be the solution you are looking for to fund that project. Money Source of America can help you if you are looking to purchase a property without providing substantial documentation. We have the resources needed to secure funds privately for you if the situation matches with our criteria. 

No document loans are rare and can only be funded privately so we’d love to discuss your ideas and any potential projects you might have in mind. If you are new to this type of loan, you might be a little skeptical because of the title, but we can answer any questions you may have.

No document loans are special because although you don’t need traditional documents, it doesn’t mean there aren’t requirements in order to be approved. These types of loans are great for those who are self employed investors looking to purchase a property from funds they have raised on their own. As a private lender, we can discuss your financial situation with you as individual and review parameters that matter to us more than they would a traditional lender. The ease and flexibility that we are allowed due to use being a private lender, can pay off very well for you so don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your potential approval.

Although we don’t review income verification or tax returns, there are some other restrictions to qualifying for a no document loan. If you have less than perfect credit or even a bankruptcy on record, that does not prevent you from getting approved with us, and it’s one of the best reasons a no loan document succeeds in scenarios where traditional lending fails.

We can provide no document loans to those seeking to purchase commercial and residential properties in New York and Florida. These terms are limited between 1-3 years and if you are concerned about your credit, that is not an issue. If you are thinking about a no document loan for purchase, refinance, or cash out financing, Money Source of America, is the right choice for you.

We are now funding No doc Commercial Loans nationwide. Asset based No Financial Documentation need and yes sometime NO Appraisals needed.

  • Commercial and Residential Investment Properties Only.
  • Limited Time Nationwide
  • Reduces rates and points and fees

Purchases | Refinance | Cash-Out

  • Rates as low as 7.99%
  • Terms 1-3 years interest only
  • We accept all credit. No credit not an issue
  • Bankruptcy, foreclosure, behind on mortgage okay
  • LTV up to 65%
  • Asset Based
  • No Income verification
  • All property types considered  including improved land and mobile home parks
  • No seasoning
  • Unlimited Cash-Out
  • Quick Approvals and funding’s little as ten days.

Fill out one 5 minute form and have our loan committee made up of multiple decision makers take a look at your deal the best chance at approval and at the best rate and terms available. No more shopping around only to get turned down. Fill out your Loan Proposal Summary Today!


  • Brooklyn,Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens,Bronx
  • Commercial and Residential Investment Properties Only

New York City we have private money to lend on your commercial real estate.

Retail New York Hampton 9,600,000      LP Brooklyn newest

We recently closed on these two New York Commercial Properties

NO Docs 8% 65 and 58% LTV