I have worked with the Callaway Financial Group for several years now. Our paths have crossed several times both as competitors and on deals we could not get done ourselves.

I can attest that they are a very competent and honest firm and handle their business affairs in a very professional manner. They are known for their honesty and direct approach to the private lending world both to borrowers and to other brokers and lenders.

They come from a family of well known bankers and their no nonsense approach to private money lending is refreshing in this day and age.

There is no doubt I would recommend them to other borrowers, brokers and other lenders and that sentiment is shared by others that I know in this industry.

Testimonial IconThanks,
Charles H. Hershson
President, Fidelity Mortgage Lenders Inc.

I am more than happy to recommend Callaway Financial Group. Our deal had numerous TIC borrowers and was constantly changing. They were able to visit the property, do all of the due diligence and pre-approve and close the deal in a little over three weeks. They already knew the market and even though it was out of state and closed on a BPO, not requiring full appraisal. They represent private money investors and no conventional bank could have ever closed this deal. In addition, when deal points changed or adjustments needed to be made they did not increase the cost and actually went out of their way to keep cost down. We cannot wait to work with them again.

Testimonial IconSincerely,
Patrick Nelson
CEO, Nelson Bros Professional Real Estate LLC

The Callaway Financial Group is an experienced, professional, knowledgeable, forthcoming, direct and honest firm.

Since our first closing with them in 2011, I have completed several transactions in a multitude of environments. They are one of the most reliable sources for private money lending I have encountered. They were not able to fund every deal that I ran past them, but when they said yes they always closed the deal. There were requests that they declined and I always appreciated the quick “No Thank You” vs other lenders and brokers who will drag you along through all sorts of nonsense and so called due diligence fees.

Professionals will likely appreciate the quick, decisive, no nonsense approach. And if reliability wasn’t enough, the rates and fees they were able to secure are some of the best I have ever encountered.

Testimonial IconWilliam Hansen
Vice President, New York Community Bank/AmTrust Bank