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We know that every situation is different especially when it to comes finances, and we take that into consideration when we are funding private money loans. We assist in funding private loans for residential and commercial purchases in Florida and New York. We have the ability to fund private money purchase loans that are asset based so we can look at a deal from all different perspectives, not just a credit score.

We consider a number of factors when we approve this type of loan, so we suggest you discuss your individual scenario with us so we can determine the best opportunity for you. We do review your experience as investor, credit history as well as cash reserves to help determine if the investment makes sense for us as well. The real estate investment world is ever changing so we know that a good deal can pop up overnight, and we want to be there to help you secure it as quickly as possible.

We fund purchases for commercial and residential investment properties for as low as $50,000 and we don’t have a maximum loan amount as long as it’s a good deal and you have the down payment and reserves needed. We will consider all property types from retail to multi unit properties with no appraisal options. We also can provide funding for new buy to rent purchase bride loans with terms up to 24 months. The property value for this type of loan must be greater than $75,000 with properties including non owner occupied 1-4 units as well as mixed use properties.

Because we are funding privately, we have some flexibility with our requirements so if you have a less than perfect credit history, that doesn’t mean you won’t be approved. We focus more on loan to value so we have programs that work with all types of financial backgrounds, so reach out to Money Source of America today so we can discuss your options.


Property Types: Commercial and Residential Investment Properties Only

  • Minimum Credit Score: None
  • Maximum: LTV 80%
  • Down-payment Funds No Seasoning
  • Minimum Loan Amount: 50,000
  • Maximum Loan Amount: None if it is a good deal and borrower has the down payment and reserves we will consider the deal.
  • Blanket/Multiple property purchase available
  • 1-4 units
  • Multi- units 5+
  • Mixed Use
  • Retail
  • Warehouse
  • All property types considered


  • Rates start @ 7.99%
  • 1-4 year interest only
  • New Buy to Rent Short Term Bridge available
  • 30 year permanent fully amortized options
  • No prepayment options available
  • Recourse and Non Recourse available
  • No seasoning of down payment funds
  • Quick Closings 10 days or less
  • No Financial Documentation
  • No Appraisal Options

New Buy to Rent Purchase Bridge Loans

  • Term 24 months 12 month extension avaialable
  • 50 k to 2.5 million +
  • LTV lesser of up to 75% of As Is Value or Up to 75% LTC
  • Property Types Non owner Occupied 1-4 unit & Multifamily 5 + Apartments , Mixed use properties
  • Property value must be greater than 75,000
  • Blanket and Multi property available

States Available: Nationwide to include Florida, Georgia, South Carolina,North Carolina, Alabama, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Nevada, California, Washington, Oregon,Missouri, Colorado,Hawaii, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and in between.

Private Money Purchase loans are asset based and every deal is viewed differently depending on a number of factors. As the property itself is a primary determining factor it is not the only factor our loan committee takes into consideration.

We look at the clients experience, back ground,credit,cash reserves to determine if this a deal and client we would like to partner with and invest our money in making them a loan.We also look at their credit and ability to repay such loan and to set the borrower participation(down payment). Yes credit is not a major factor and we will loan from sub par to no credit but it determines the Loan to Value. Basically the lower the credit score the lower the Loan To Value. We have programs and investors on our committee that will lend and do not even care about or pull your credit but they have to like the property and the LTV  is usually maxed at 50% Loan to Value.

Every private money purchase deal is different based on factors expressed above. If you have a purchase deal you would like us to take a look and fill out the Loan Proposal Summary Today! Be as complete as possible for all information can be determining factors. Once submitted your deal will be viewed by multiple decision makers on our Loan Committee if deal is approved you will be issued a term sheet with the best terms available for your deal.

Commerical Investment Purchase New York

Recent Commercial Purchase we funded in

Brooklyn, New York for investor at Auction 70% LTV for quick purchase



The Money Source Of America Difference
Our in house loan committee is made up of a multiple private money investors,Bankers, hard money lenders, hedge funds, and private investment firms whose sole purpose is to create and bundle  mortgages and create bond to sell on Capital Markets of Wall Street. Therefore by passing the middle men (banks and traditional lenders) we can get deals funded that they cannot or will not fund. Banks and traditional lenders have to sell their loans to these same hedge fund and investment firms. That is why they only take only the most attractive loans very few portfolio their loans. Thus The Money Source of America Difference. We can do loans that traditional banks and lenders cannot do and at better rates and terms. While our office is Located in Jacksonville, Florida we also have the ability to secure funds for your project from Los Angeles to New York City and in between.

Submit your Loan Proposal Summary Today. One 5 minute form and you will have multiple private money decision makers looking at your deal. Best chance to get your deal approved and at the best terms.No more shopping around only to get turned down. Once the loan committee has approved your loan you will be issued a term sheet and an experienced agent will be there to process your loan from application to funding. Now commercial lending does not get any easier than that.


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