Education Investors Get Higher Returns

Co-Living Units Are Helping Investors Generate Higher Returns Here’s What You Need To Know As “adult dorms” become more and more trendy, there’s opportunities to take advantage of. Before the pandemic, co-living as a housing solution was already gaining popularity as urbanization caused rents to rise in major cities. Now, the concept of living in accommodations with […]

Expected Value: The Overlooked Tool Every Investor Needs


J Scott (he goes by “J”) is an entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and author. I was talking with another investor recently and used a term I assumed he would be familiar with. He wasn’t, which led me to realize that a simple but very effective tool for decision-making was likely to be overlooked by many others […]

Build an Out-of-State Investing Empire with The “Core 4″

Out-of-state Investing is one of the best ways for real estate rookies to get their foot in the rental property door. But how do you get started in out-of-state real estate investing? Is it even possible to do it as a rookie, or should you stick to your local market? Soli guides us through the […]

How to Renovate a House—Whether You’re Renting, Flipping, or Moving In

Whether you’re just diving into the world of fixer-uppers or plan to rehab a rundown old home for your own personal use, a whole-home renovation can be a daunting prospect. Permits? Demolition? And what comes first—paint or flooring or windows? Plus, if you’re working in a rougher area, you’ll need to take precautions against theft […]

Why Are There No Houses On The Market?

The housing market has a problem: a lack of inventory. While this isn’t news to most Americans, many investors and first-time homebuyers are stuck struggling, not knowing when to enter the housing market while prices continue to climb. So why is this happening? And if we know the reasons why, can we predict when it […]

Beat the House-Hunting Competition: 12 Clever Tips to Win a Bidding War

Today’s housing market is markedly different than what we had just a year ago. Back then, people could make low-ball offers and have a good chance of them being accepted. Now, buying a property has become more expensive and complicated, and there are reports of bidding wars all over the country, even as we move […]

Lessons Learned From a Successful Real Estate Investor

The concept of full-time real estate investing was sparked for Kendra Barnes during a game of Cashflow — a board game that uses components from real estate investing to teach you how to build wealth. After that game, she bought her first investment property, quit her government job in Washington, D.C., bought more investment properties, […]